Participation Income

Research on participation income

Researcher: Rebecca Belochi

Dear readers,

Maybe you already heard of the project I am undertaking with the support of Our New Economy. For those who don’t: I am currently writing a paper on Participation Income (just PI for friends) intended for policy making that will be published by ONE. As writing a paper takes time, the coming series of posts are dedicated to introduce participation income in general until the paper is published. They will cover not only PI’s advantages but also its challenges and the state of the current debate surrounding it.

Another reason behind the publishing of these blog posts is to showcase points that will not be covered in the policy paper. Indeed, certain aspects of the academic debate, whilst relevant when thinking of PI overall, do not offer particular insights for policy making. Therefore, the coming posts will also focus on points complementary to the future paper. The goal is to increase awareness of PI and provide an interactive platform to discuss its different aspects. Any share of thoughts or questions are encouraged and appreciated!

I am already looking forward to our interactions. So don’t hesitate to comment, share these posts with interested parties, or follow me on twitter for #PIfunfacts and much more.



  • What Participation Income is … and why you should care!

    It appears to be difficult, if not impossible, to watch the national news on television without hearing about today’s outdated welfare systems, pension systems failing to support an ageing population, or heated debates on workfare. Similarly, who can honestly say they never woke up all sweaty at night from a nightmare as they were cut to pieces by robots taking over the world thanks to artificial intelligence in ways strangely similar to The Matrix or Terminator?

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  • Discussion basic income or participation income

    We interview Rebecca Belochi, a young French researcher from Paris, who works with us at Our New Economy for a couple month already on a very promising alternative to basic income: participation income. Can this new proposal gather the same unanimous support that currently benefits basic income?

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