Renewing the welfare state

The idea of unconditional universal basic income has gotten a lot of attention. While such policy would reduce poverty and inequality, and improve the bargaining power and freedom of workers, it would generate a troublesome paradox. Therefore, this report argues that other, more targeted policies are preferable. From the viewpoint of a 'just transition' and the increase of human capital.
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What Participation Income is … and why you should care!

It appears to be difficult, if not impossible, to watch the national news on television without hearing about today’s outdated welfare systems, pension systems failing to support an ageing population, or heated debates on workfare.

Discussion basic income or participation income

An interview with Rebecca Belochi, a young French researcher from Paris, who works with us at Our New Economy for a couple month already on a very promising alternative to basic income: participation income. Can this new proposal gather the same unanimous support that currently benefits basic income?